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Paul's Puck Pathways

As a hockey parent, it should go without saying that you want what is best for your child.

We all do. 

But unless you played for the Blackhawks, the labrynthine path forward for a budding hockey career is--at best--difficult to navigate.

As a youth hockey coach, your last season was likely a challenge--not simply for what happened on the ice--but for what may have happened off of it--as well.

CAYH Blog's own Paul Lubanski offers his expertise to coaches and parents through an easy to access and use consulting service.

This one-of-a-kind offering serves up Paul's wealth of hockey knowledge directly to you via email or speak to Paul directly on the phone.  No more intimidating rinkside chats with new people in a new town that you simply do not know well enough to trust.  Go direct to a hockey insider for straightforward, valuable and CONFIDENTIAL guidance.


This consultation service focuses upon helping ice hockey parents learn the game's fundamentals so that they may serve as "pseudo coach" in an appropriate manner to their respective children on a wide-range of issues. Further, Paul can offer consulting on ALL topics related to parents' "managing" their child's career ... i.e.--interviewing the coach prior to committing to a club, center vs. wing, defense vs. forward, stick-brand/type usage, playing-time issues, house vs. travel, AAA vs AA and USHL vs. OHL, NAHL or EJHL, etc.


This consultation service is not about specific drills, but instead seeks to help coaches with handling the daily player/parent issues that arise, setting overall practice/game-play strategies, teaching concepts (ie keeping game simple), inspirational methodology, how to actually effectively "connect" with your players and their families and much, much more.

Paul's Puck Pathways Consulting Service (PPP)

You have enjoyed Paul's unique perspective within his excellent blogs/columns for several seasons.  Now you can connect directly with him--in a private and confidential manner via "Paul's Puck Pathways" (PPP) consulting service!  Utilize Paul's experience, wisdom and proven insight to lead your youngster on the path to the very best he/she can be--and who knows--maybe even a college or professional playing career. He can be the ultimate "insider" resource that your child needs and deserves.

And if you are a coach--as detailed above--allow Paul to aid in you in formulating a framework for both "team" and individual-player coaching achievement. His tips and advice are guaranteed to vault you simply from an average coach to being truly considered an outstanding and positive "difference-maker" in the youth hockey community.

Here is how to get started:

We offer two communication options - phone and email.

Phone Consultation - $30/hour

Phone consultation involves up to one hour of consultation by telephone over one or more calls.  When you select this option and complete your Paypal transaction, you will be directed to our Contact Us page.  Please provide your telephone number and days/times you would prefer Paul to contact you.

Email Consultation - $15/month

Email consultation involves unlimited email correspondence for a period of one month from the first response.  Please allow a reasonable amount of time for a response by email.  If you require a more immediate response, please use our phone consultation service (above).  When you select this option and complete your Paypal transaction, you will be directed to our Contact Us page.  Please provide your email address and Paul will contact you.

Full money back guarantee!

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with our service within a week after our first correspondence, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.