Sunday, February 15, 2015

Locating Your Inner Passion Is The Key To Unlocking Your Potential

PLAYERS--PARENTS--COACHES! This Is A MUST READ Paul Lubanski Post Outlining A Formula For Earning A Future Position On A High School, Club College, D I College, Major Junior Or NHL Roster!!  It Is Brief Yet Extremely POWERFUL---It Is Entitled:


By Paul Lubanski

Today's post may be a bit shorter than most--but, nonetheless important. In fact, it may be the most informative and critically inspirational piece I've ever authored for the CHICAGO AREA YOUTH HOCKEY BLOG family as it relates to providing a guaranteed blueprint for youngsters yearning to make it the next level and beyond

The theme and message is bluntly simple to comprehend.

That is by design.

PARENTS/COACHES--please share with your young heroes...

I begin by offering an etymological derivation/definition of the word PASSION.

(10th century-- from past participle stem of Latin pati "to suffer, and/or endure great pain in order to conquer--or achieve a goal." )

 Wow!  How Powerful!!

In my opinion--PASSION--is the single most eloquently succinct word a young athlete must understand and embrace in order to carve out his/her own path to greatness.

No sugar-coating is extremely difficult to gain a roster position on a DI college or Major Junior  team--let alone garnering significant playing time. I purposely neglected highlighting a
paying scholarship of some sort because that is even more mathematically implausible for most.

Suffice-to-say--having the PASSION to beat the odds is the ONLY answer.

In other words, the PASSION to abstain from tobacco and alcohol and eat in a healthful manner;  the PASSION to train purposefully and diligently off of the surface; the PASSION to earn top-shelf grades in the classroom and the PASSION to admit and identify where you need to improve on the ice and then do whatever it takes to make yourself better in all phases of the game.

Again, a direct, easily discernible and quite PASSIONATE formula.

Live it.

Breath it.

Own it.

The coolest thing of all? It transcends hockey into the game of life.

Relationships, occupation/employment--they require a form of PASSION to work.

So, if you do it successfully as a hockey player--you can as a son or daughter, father, mother, brother, sister aunt, uncle, employee and citizen of this awesome nation.

Best of luck.

Coach Lubanski

Paul T. Lubanski
Wilderness Xtreme Sport

(248) 762-6998

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