Tuesday, September 2, 2014

We Will R-O-C-K You!

In Today's Blogpost--PAUL LUBANSKI Offers Coaches And Players Another Brilliantly Simple --Yet Extremely Effective TEAM RALLYING ACRONYM: 


By Paul Lubanski


"We will--we will R-O-C-K you!"

Thanks Freddie Mercury. Probably never realized that you'd be aiding a hockey team's cause when you performed the afore-mentioned song initially back in 1977 (penned by your Queen's guitarist Brian May)--did you?

Anyway, today, I put forth another a simple and efficient method for inspiring your youngsters in an effective and easy-to-remember thus impactful fashion. Yes, with the help of--you guessed it-- Mr. Mercury.

We have all heard that song hundreds if not thousands of times and it still resonates with adults and children-alike today.


It implies a "team-accented" sort of "intentional/planned" domination of an opponent.

What a cool thought (if executed cleanly and safely)--and useful message indeed for a youth ice hockey coach to leverage.

And another great, very straight-forward mantra or rallying-cry for a youth ice-team to potentially adopt for an entire season.

Any coach can easily secure the "buy-in/commitment" of his/her players by requesting that "we R-O-C-K" the opposition today (and every match).

"Today boys/girls/team/ we flat-out R-O-C-K the our opponents via a " RELENTLESS, OVERWHELMING, CONSTANT & CONSISTENT KEEP-AWAY of the biscuit!"

Why not give it a try?

Oh, and it helps to have the actual song blaring in the dressing room as a lead-in to your pre-game. And, of course--after the contest rock'in loud and proud in celebratory fashion as well.

Best of luck.

Coach Lubanski

Lubanski’s company ­– Wilderness Xtreme Sports – invents bold new takes on traditional sporting competition. See Paul star on YouTube in  “WILD GOLF: The Making of Wilderness Golf “  or visit www.wxsports.net.


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