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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Open Letter to Newtown, Connecticut

From Deep In His Own Heart--PAUL LUBANSKI Will Bring A Tear To Your Eye With This OPEN LETTER To The Mom's & Dad's Of Newtown, Connecticut That Lost One Of Their Little One's At Sandy Hook Elementary School A Few Weeks Back...

He Sends It On Behalf Of You--The Typical Midwestern' Hockey Parent ... 
IT IS A MUST, MUST R-E-A-D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Paul Lubanski

Simply put, the Midwest's hockey parents are a unique breed. The pure physical, psychological and financial commitments they make on a daily basis are extraordinary. From August through late-March, their lives are chocked full of trips to practice, games, out-of-town tournaments and of course, the local hockey shop.

Quite frankly, the word“chaotic” is probably too mild to describe the average hockey parents' (and their family's) existence.

The neat thing is that the overwhelming majority will tell you that it is all worth it because, in the end, the great game of hockey can be an incredible supplement to their own parenting efforts.

In other words, the positive life lessons that can be derived like discipline, character, overcoming adversity, teamwork and a host of others serve to justify it all.

As far as I am concerned, there belies only one significant negative regarding the entire process that each and every one of us parents/grandparents/legal guardians have to deal with and it is a very sad one indeed...IT ALL GOES BY TOO FAST!

Today's piece however, is not one geared toward wallowing in our own ( I am a hockey dad as well) self-pity as it relates to the seemingly mach-speed passage of time that we spend with our cherished children. No, I intend to step outside the bounds of our relatively safe and happy lives here in the Midwest and reach out to the parents of the little angels of Newtown, Connecticut.

I have crafted and open-letter to the mom's and dad's of the tiny ones lost in Connecticut a few weeks ago on behalf of the parents of the Midwest'-based hockey children.

Actually, it is my tribute to both.

Yes, although there are a myriad of similarities between us and the Connecticut parents I reference,the stark and very distinct difference is obvious.

Our children will be coming home to us after practice tonight.

Hence, as someone that has dedicated much of his life to bettering the lives' of children, I felt compelled to let the Newtown mom's and dad's know that their awesome offspring will never be forgotten. And, in fact--by the actions and creed that I am requesting that all Michigan hockey parents commit to within my letter--we will be insuring that the world becomes a much better place because of those little angels were here--albeit--for FAR too short of a duration.


AGAIN: From Deep In The Hearts Of Midwestern Hockey Parents—To The Newtown Mom's & Dad's Of Lost Loved One's

Dear Mom's and Dad's of: Charlotte 6,  Daniel 7, Olivia 6, Joshephine 7, Ana 6, Dylan 6, Madeleine 6, Catherine 6, Chase7, Jesse 6, James 6, Grace 7, Emile 6, Jack 6, Noah 6, Caroline 6, Jessica 6, Avielle 6, Benjamin 6 and Allison 6...

There are no words or human symbols that have ever been put forth or created in any language that could ever begin to ease the immense pain of your loss.


However, for centuries, the following has been said and written by wise and sage-spiritualists: " The passage of time heals all."

Today, in my small way, with inspiration from the wonderful hockey community in the Midwest, my goal is to assist you in beginning the healing process. Of course, NEVER FORGETTING—only attempting to help heal.

So, it is my fervent hope that you will find some small piece of solace in what I put forth--and what we are pledging to do on behalf of all of the children that have been taken from amongst us.

It was Albert Einstein who once said: "we are all born angels of genius, it is merely the process of living that dissuades our genius and dissolves our angel-like perfection."

You bet I hold that statement to be true.

In fact, believing in such helps to understand precisely where I am coming from in today's effort. You see, the Newtown children were still very much the "angels of perfection" that Einstein references. A mere glance at their radiant photos allows for even the coldest among us to discern a group of beautifully open, caring and loving sponges of learning and life. Too naive to be corrupted by anything less than perfection.

The only explanation as too why they were taken from us so young, that I can offer, may be a bit unnerving to some--sorry if it is--but, here goes:  Personally, I believe that there is and are alternate realms or dimensions that exist where life as we know it carries on. These dimensions are more civilized and peace-loving, and they have the ability to 'borrow" the best of what our earthly experience has to offer.

Within these children-they borrowed the best and most cherished from us.

Yes, I do believe that we will all see the children again. No doubt in my mind.

In the interim, I have asked the parents of our Midwestern hockey children to do their best to allow for their own young children to remain "the angels of perfection” that the Connecticut children left us as. In other words, strive to do everything and anything possible to allow their children to keep that genious-like perfection that Mr. Einstein states so eloquently that we are all born with—and that the Connecticut childen were over-flowing with.

Parents: why not speak a little softer, guide and teach a little more humanly, love a bit more intensely and assuredly.

What better way to honor, cherish, respect and keep the legacy alive of the wonderful Newtown/Sandy Hook Elementary students we miss so dearly?

As I spoke of before, someday-somewhere “over the rainbow” we will all undoubtedly have the opportunity to reunite with the children of Newtown sooner than we all realize. The ability to see, hold and comfort the angels will be definitively be afforded those most deserving—that is for certain.

In closing however, my heart is telling me that it is more likely that it is the Newtown children that will likely be doing the vast majority of tear-wiping and comforting OF AND FOR US.

After all, isn't that what you'd expect a true angel to be doing?

I sure do.

All Of Our Love And Prayers,

Paul Lubanski


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