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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Twitter: Kevin Weekes on Youth Hockey Costs

One of my favorite NHL commentators is Kevin Weekes of NHL On The Fly, Hockey Night In Canada Radio, and other shows.  He is a retired NHL goaltender who is best known for alternating with Arturs Irbe on the Carolina Hurricane's 2002 trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.  Here he is on Twitter:

Sitting@ Airport listening to Minor Atom hockey coach play the role with a parent of 9yr old: "This is a steal of a package, only $ 5500 ...  For our package deal registration, we offer things no other team can." You kidding me ?!! 9yrs old, $ 5500 and you act like an NHL GM?!

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The topic of fees in youth hockey is one that is of great interest to us here at CAYH Blog.  In addition to his role as a commentator on the NHL, Kevin is involved in youth hockey.  He occasionally mentions topics of interest to youth hockey in his various appearances on the air.

In his tweets, you can see Kevin reacting not only to the recruiting of a 9 year old player (Atom = Squirt in Canada), but also to the price tag.  The fact is this price is not out of line with what some 9 year olds will be charged by Chicago area teams to play AA hockey.  Keep Kevin's reaction in mind when you get the bill for next season.  "You kidding me?!!"

Here are some replies to Kevin's tweets:

@KevinWeekes Its crazy! $5,500 sounds about right.. Not to mention the recruiting.. My daughter was once promised a bike... LOL! She was 8!
@KevinWeekes and people thinks its the concussions that has youth hockey registrations down lol
@KevinWeekes and I thought $500 for a season (house league) was expensive... can't even afford that.. but $5500? That's insane
@KevinWeekes You should step in sir, hockey is expensive enough for parents as it is.

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