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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Squirt AAA To Be Eliminated

The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association (MAHA) moved this summer to eliminate Squirt Minor AAA, aka Tier 1, for next season (2011-12).  The following year, Squirt Major AAA will also be eliminated.  The effective dates are staggered to allow current players to finish and move on to PeeWee.

According to AHAI's August 2010 Board meeting minutes, Illinois is likely to follow Michigan's lead and eliminate the Squirt division at Tier 1.  Minutes from the MAHA summer meeting indicate that this change was implemented in response to the ADM guidelines.


  1. What does the ADM have in its place. I'm looking to relocate to the greater Chicago area from a Tier 1 AAA program for my 03'. What options are out there?

  2. AHAI kept AAA at the Squirt Major age, so your '03 will be fine next year. If that weren't the case, the principles of ADM would have him playing AA in which case your best bet would have been a good CSDHL team.

    1. Thank you for the response, now comes the challenging part, finding the right program as a late entrant for my son. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. He's a shutdown style defenseman who likes to carry the puck as all d men do here in Boston

  3. Your four choices in Chicago are (in no particular order):

    Chicago Mission - http://www.chicagomission.com/index2.htm
    Chicago Young Americans (CYA) - http://www.cyahockey.com
    Team Illinois - http://tihockey.com
    Chicago Fury - http://www.chicagofury.com

    As this is a house through double A blog, I can't provide you much guidance beyond look at where you will be working/living and contact the closest clubs as soon as possible. Good luck!